Catholic Identity

Posted: 6/28/15 | by | Category: Weekly letters

Dear Parish Family,

Cardinal Wuerl recently wrote a pastoral letter on Catholic Identity. I encourage all of our parishioners to read it and it is readily accessible on the Archdiocesan website, In the letter encourages Catholics to be coworkers in the New Evangelization, to develop their knowledge and love for their faith and then to have the confidence to share it with others. “Planting the seed may mean that we learn new styles of communication, open our hearts to a more culturally diverse community, study more deeply the mysteries of the faith, reach out with confidence and invite a neighbor to attend Mass, forgive a long-held grudge or focus on a new and more influential approach with a son or daughter, father or mother or spouse who is away from the practice of the faith. Every moment becomes a new opportunity to connect another person with the abundant springtime that God promises. In this, we are protagonists of hope,” the cardinal states.

The Cardinal holds up the example of St. Thomas a Becket, the English martyr who gave his life in defense of the faith. “ What I have always appreciated was his devotion to the Church as the instrument and means of Christ’s working in the world…He never waivered in his conviction that the Church, in all of its incarnational reality, with all of its lights and shadows, was truly the Body of Christ.” May we have he courage of St. Thomas Becket in holding on to our Catholic identity.

Your servant in Christ,
Father Richard