Fortnight for Freedom

Posted: 6/18/15 | by | Category: Weekly letters

Dear Parish Family,
A few years ago the Catholic Church in the US began what we call, “Fortnight for Freedom.” In the two weeks leading up to Independence Day we pray for religious freedom and tolerance of Catholic beliefs in our nation.

In his 2013 Fourth of July homily, Cardinal Wuerl stated, “Today there are things that should mean enough to all of us, including our religious liberty, that we simply need to stand — to stand up for what is right, to stand up for what is ours, to stadnd up for freedom of religion. Let us thank God for the call, the freedom and the courage to stand up for religious liberty.”

May we use our Catholic voices to stand up for the faith we believe in, in this nation we helped to build, so that we may believe that to which we are called by our Faith and that we might be able to share it with others.

Your servant in Christ,
Father Richard