Funny how as soon as one thing gets fixed…

Posted: 6/10/15 | by | Category: Weekly letters

Dear Parish Family,

Funny how as soon as one thing gets fixed another thing breaks! So we finally were able to repair the 27th Street steps and fortunately the process was not as involved as first thought. Now, one of the air conditioning compressors in the church has broken and needs to be replaced. Blessedly, there are two air conditioners in the church so the other one has been attempting double duty. Hopefully, the new compressor will come in sooner rather than later. I am grateful for everyone’s patience with the lack of full air conditioning in the Church.

Summer is a great time to get some good spiritual reading done. Why not pop into the Carolyn Hawley library and pick out a good book? We have several recently acquired titles from which to chose so stop in after Mass. There is a sign up sheet to ‘check out’ the books. Happy reading!

Your servant in Christ,

Father Richard