Update on Papal Mass Tickets!

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Dear Parish Family,

How blessed we are that our Holy Father, Pope Francis, will be visiting Washington, D.C.! So many share our excitement and are eager to attend the Papal Mass on September 23, 2015, at 4:15 pm, at the BNSIC and the grounds of CUA. How I would love to be able to offer a ticket to anyone and everyone who would like to attend the Papal Mass (versus watching it on TV!). Unfortunately, we will have a very limited number of tickets available for registered parishioners. With this reality in mind, I will truly appreciate your patience, good humor, and understanding as I do my best to allocate tickets in a way that fairly recognizes participation in the life of our parish.

Your request also must affirm that, if given a ticket, you will be able to attend the Papal Mass. Please note that Mass attendees may need to arrive at the Shrine/CUA several hours ahead of time. At this time, it has not been decided whether the parish or the archdiocese will arrange transportation to the Shrine/CUA, so you must be prepared for the possibility of getting there on your own.

Things to Remember: Please note that anyone making a request must be a registered parishioner. Also, making a request does not guarantee a ticket, since the number of tickets is very limited. Further, each individual who desires a ticket must make an individual request. For each request that we are able to fulfill, only one ticket will be given. This means, for example, that if you and your spouse both want to attend, each must make a separate request. Finally, I will consider those requests received by close of business on Wednesday, September 9th. Names will be drawn at the rectory on September 11th and the names will be posted on September 13th. When the tickets have been allocated, my staff will let you know the date by which all tickets must be picked up in person at the rectory.

Please note that tickets will be either for open seating or standing-only areas. Some seats and standing areas will have obstructed views; however, jumbotrons will be available to help ensure the visibility for ticket holders.

Your servant in Christ,
Father Richard